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We'll all be rooned! Print E-mail


Around 1921 John O'Brien wrote an iconic Australian-Irish poem "Said Hanrahan" about a pessimistic farmer who predicts ruin to a group of fellow farmers outside a church in a small rural Australian town.

Hanrahan is back in favour with the protagonists telling anyone and everyone who'll listen that 'We'll all be rooned' regardless of how good or bad the current circumstances are.

With the internet as the new pulpit, for broadcasting comments and commentary at the speed of light, it's a case that the more pesemistic or controversial an opinion that is voiced the more it attention it receives.

Often there is a kernel of truth to the prediction, just as often there is an audience wanting to believe the worst and running with it.

Just like in the poem, adopting the "We'll all be roonedâ" to our own approach to business and life things will most likely become a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Here's the poem with some more added at the end.

John O'Brien"Said Hanrahan" by John O'Brien

"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
In accents most forlorn,
Outside the church, ere Mass began,
One frosty Sunday morn.

The congregation stood about,
Coat-collars to the ears,
And talked of stock, and crops, and drought,
As it had done for years.

"It's lookin' crook," said Daniel Croke;
"Bedad, it's cruke, me lad,
For never since the banks went broke
Has seasons been so bad."

"It's dry, all right," said young O'Neil,
With which astute remark
He squatted down upon his heel
And chewed a piece of bark.

And so around the chorus ran
"It's keepin' dry, no doubt."
"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"Before the year is out.

"The crops are done; ye'll have your work
To save one bag of grain;
From here way out to Back-o'-Bourke
They're singin' out for rain.

"They're singin' out for rain," he said,
"And all the tanks are dry."
The congregation scratched its head,
And gazed around the sky.

"There won't be grass, in any case,
Enough to feed an ass;
There's not a blade on Casey's place
As I came down to Mass."

"If rain don't come this month," said Dan,
And cleared his throat to speak–
"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"If rain don't come this week."

A heavy silence seemed to steal
On all at this remark;
And each man squatted on his heel,
And chewed a piece of bark.

"We want a inch of rain, we do,"
O'Neil observed at last;
But Croke "maintained" we wanted two
To put the danger past.

"If we don't get three inches, man,
Or four to break this drought,
We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"Before the year is out."

In God's good time down came the rain;
And all the afternoon
On iron roof and window-pane
It drummed a homely tune.

And through the night it pattered still,
And lightsome, gladsome elves
On dripping spout and window-sill
Kept talking to themselves.

It pelted, pelted all day long,
A-singing at its work,
Till every heart took up the song
Way out to Back-o'Bourke.

And every creek a banker ran,
And dams filled overtop;
"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"If this rain doesn't stop."

And stop it did, in God's good time;
And spring came in to fold
A mantle o'er the hills sublime
Of green and pink and gold.

And days went by on dancing feet,
With harvest-hopes immense,
And laughing eyes beheld the wheat
Nid-nodding o'er the fence.

And, oh, the smiles on every face,
As happy lad and lass
Through grass knee-deep on Casey's place
Went riding down to Mass.

While round the church in clothes genteel
Discoursed the men of mark,
And each man squatted on his heel,
And chewed his piece of bark.

"There'll be bush-fires for sure, me man,
There will, without a doubt;
We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"Before the year is out."

So here is my own adendum.

Just remember I'm no Irish Catholic Australian bush minister poet but I'll give it my best shot:


"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan
"Oh shut up will you mate
Your moaning and your whingeing, man
Are more than I can take"

Old Hanrahan you should ignore,
He speaks with out a clue,
Neer follow in his footsteps 'to be sure',
Ere his prophecy doth come true.


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